Agriculture in the clouds

Agriculture in the clouds

Agroklub is an agricultural information system, currently active in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Hercegovina. It provides various information, communication solutions and services that help producers in the development of their business.

In today's fast changing times, information is a key to success and we seek to find the most accurate ones on daily basis. All that information is of public good and other services we offer are at affordable prices.

Agroklub is an information system based on internet platform which offers set of services and possibilities for end users in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Hercegovina.

Web services we offer:

  • Agricultural portal
  • Classified advertising
  • Information database
  • Projects
  • Social network KLUB
  • Online tools and services
  • Mobile APP

Agroklub in numbers

  • Agroklub counts 13 employees (IT, agronomy, social and economic sciences)
  • Over 70 journalists / part-time associates
  • We were founded in 2008
  • 12.000 farmers have their user account on Agroklub
  • We achieve an average of 20.000 sessions daily and over 7 million sessions annually
  • We achieve over 15 million page views in one year
  • Over 25.000 articles have been published
  • Over 25.000 classifieds have been posted in advertisement section
  • Agro database contains over 2.000 pesticides, fertilizers, and plant species
  • More than 1.200 producers have registered at our producer's database
  • We have over 50.000 followers on our social media accounts


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